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The figure shows the life cycle of an IdM user from entry to exit.

The RRZE.IdentityManagement (RRZE.IdM) is a FAU system that maps the digital identity of its members. With the IdM portal, interested parties can register an IdM ID which is needed for every member of FAU, students are able to apply for enrollment and employees activate their IdM ID on the portal for access to all the IT service of FAU. All students, employees and guests are able to recover reset their key password via the IdM portal as well as activate their FAU e-mail address. The once issued IdM ID accompanies the FAU user throughout their whole FAU lifecycle from entry to exit.

Self Service

The Self Service portal provides the IdM users to overview their identity profiles and associated IT services at all times. Via the portal every user is also able to adjust key settings and preferences related to password changes or recovery, the administration of e-mail settings or postal address changes, for example.

Requests / Tasks

The Requests/Tasks module allows the IdM users to request additional services that require special admin confirmation or need an interaction with users. Examples are: Acceptance of library user policy, enabling of FAUcard printing service, request of an e-mail address or wireless access and much more.


The administration portal is the customer administration portal for administrators at the FAU. Customer data can be listed as well as checked, passwords can be recovered, IdM IDs can be blocked and activation letters can be printed. In addition, the admin portal is used for checking wrong data and to set specific attributes of user data.

User groups and table with classification of user types

As part of the introduction of the Identity Management System of the FAU standardized "user groups" and associated "user types" were defined for all members of the FAU and RRZE. The definitions of these user groups are listed as part of the IdM and user data is labeled accordingly before it is forwarded to connected systems. User groups are part of the group of people who are in some way connected to the FAU for various but clearly defined reasons and therefore are "entitled to service support" at the FAU. User types describe certain characteristics within the groups.

Detailed information concerning individual user groups, the classification of user types and conditions of affiliation are listed in the table user groups and -types.

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IdM Flyer

More information on the Identity Management System and IT services managed by IdM, you'll find at our PDF IdM flyer.